Running (in Recovery)

Personal post, trigger warning

Ever since I began recovering from my eating disorder, I’ve had a very strange relationship with exercise. A large part of my eating disorder was over exercising and using it to compensate for eating (kind of as a form of purging?) – I mostly swam, ran, and did ab workouts.

In the four years I’ve spent in recovery, I’ve cycled between periods of exercising and not exercising. This is because when I do begin exercising again, I have a bad habit of beginning to indulge in disordered eating and other disordered habits – restricting, over exercising, mostly, but also criticizing my body more.

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Intentional Weight Loss and Fatphobia

Let me preface this by stating that I am an average, “healthy” weight and considered thin by society – I have thin privilege, and do not in any way speak for the fat community. This is just me discussing my own thoughts and opinions, and I would love to hear (and encourage you to share) your thoughts on this subject.

Is intentional weight loss inherently fatphobic?

My short answer is: no, not necessarily.

Not always purposely, at least.

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