Garage Sale (And Thrift!) Haul #3

Another Saturday, another garage sale adventure. I also stopped by the thrift store the other day, so I’m including those purchases in here as well.

This week, I found some pretty nice stuff.


My first purchase was this gorgeous cat lamp. At first, I picked it up, and I thought it was just a white cat statue that would match my other cat statues back in my room. When I took a closer look, I noticed that there was a cord coming out of the bottom. Intrigued, I had to plug it in. The employees at my local Unique were kind enough to show me where an outlet was so I could try it out.

I was absolutely stunned at how beautifully it lights up. I came up with some crazy backstory for her – she’s named Flame Cat and she’s probably a superhero of some kind. I’ll work on it and get back to you guys. She was $3.


Apparently I was in a lamp kind of mood, because I found this bear lamp and had to have it. Well, there’s actually a reason I had to have it. My father and I have matching papa bear and baby bear tattoos, so this lamp was really personal to us.


Like I said in my previous post, I love items with parent/child animals – but the bears were just too close to home to pass up. It’s super cute and I love the small details in it:

I’d love to start a bear collection in my room, but I think we will put this lamp in the living room for now. It was $7, which is pretty pricey and not what I’d normally spend at a thrift store, but I didn’t want to leave the store without this lamp.

At the garage sales today, I picked up this cute little bee figurine with a candle inside it. My name is Melissa, which means honeybee, so I’m kind of a sucker for bee related items. Also, it was only .50 cents, so I couldn’t resist.

My last purchase is probably my favorite and I’m not sure why…


This is a Puss in Boots record – I don’t know much about records, but when I saw this for only $1, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always loved Puss as a character in Shrek, but also as a character in general. The artwork on this is gorgeous and I couldn’t stop looking at it. For now, I’m displaying it in my room, but in the future I’d love to play it and hear the story.

Author: Melissa Martini

A 22 year old feminist writer exploring body image and eating disorder recovery through poetry and blog posts.

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