Garage Sale Haul #2

On Saturday, I decided to hit up a few garage sales to see what I could find. I can’t drive and I hadn’t seen my best friend Christina in a while, so I asked if she wanted to drive around our nearby towns and check things out.

I found a few cool things that I’m pretty excited to add to my collection!

The first thing I found was this adorable picture frame. At first, I didn’t know what it was – it just looked like a cute beach house. After I picked it up, though, I realized that the windows actually open and you can insert a photo! It felt like fate, as I’ve begun displaying photos of important people in my life in my bedroom. I decided that I will put a photo of Christina and I from the beach in this picture frame and put it on display. I got this frame for $1.

img_8641My second purchase was totally unnecessary, but I’m really happy with it. I spotted this vase and immediately thought that it was a mermaid statue or even a Capricorn statue (I’m a Capricorn myself, so apparently I think that Capricorn statues are just lying around at garage sales) – but when I picked it up, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these giraffes are. I have no idea what I will be putting in this vase (probably nothing), but I knew that if I left without buying it, I’d regret it forever. I’m also a sucker for anything with animals on it, especially parent/child depictions. It was only $2. (edit: turns out it’s worth about $37!)

img_8642I honestly have no idea why I was drawn to this item. It is completely not my style and won’t match my room’s decorations, but for some reason, I couldn’t leave the garage sale without it. When my father and I moved into our last apartment, it was a pretty upsetting time in our lives. At that apartment, ladybugs showed up randomly and I always felt like it was a sign that things were going to be okay since ladybugs are apparently a sign of good luck. I’ll probably hang this up somewhere. It was $1.


My last purchase was this absolutely gorgeous denim jacket. It’s Levi’s brand and as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to try it on. I found it at an estate sale down the street from my house, upstairs in one of the house’s bedrooms.

When I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror, I knew that I had to have this jacket. But I know how denim jackets go – they’re pretty hot right now, whether they’re vintage or not. I wasn’t prepared to spend a lot on this jacket, and I almost just put it down and left, but I figured I’d ask how much it costed.


Can you believe this jacket was only $2? I bought it immediately and I know that I’m going to be wearing it all the time this coming Fall! It’ll look great with dresses, rompers, and even everyday pants and shirts. I think this might be my favorite purchase from Saturday.

I get paid this week, so I smell a thrift haul coming pretty soon. đŸ˜‰

Author: Melissa Martini

A 22 year old feminist writer exploring body image and eating disorder recovery through poetry and blog posts.

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