Garage Sale Haul #1

I’ve grown to love collecting thrifted objects whether they are from garage sales, thrift stores, or flea markets. My family and I spend a lot of time strolling through our favorite thrift store and driving a couple hours away to check out our local flea markets.

Every weekend, garage sales are an activity I do not pass up. I’m lucky enough to have found a partner whose family loves garage sales just as much as my own. This weekend, I went garage sale-ing with my partner’s family and I scored some pretty cool items. Check them out below!


The first item that I found was this beautiful mask with purple flowers and orange and pink ribbons. I absolutely love the floral design and color scheme, and I think that her lips and eyes are painted so beautifully. Purple is my favorite color, so I couldn’t pass this up for only $2 at a rummage sale. She’ll look great hanging up next to the other purple items in my collection!


My second purchase was this small bird statue. At a past rummage sale, I found a set of Mexican folk art bird statues that I fell in love with. I bought the set and have them on display in my room, so when I saw this little fellow, I knew that I needed to bring him home to hang out with some of his long lost family members. I plan on researching this style of art more in the future, because apparently I now collect these little guys and I want to be familiar with it. This statue was $2, but buy one get one free. I got the following item free:


I mostly purchased this item because it was free and purple — and floral. It’s a small hand painted egg, decorated with purple flowers. The flowers are textured and it’s such a simple, elegant, adorable piece that will look great with my other purple items. It was also priced at $2, but as I previously said, I got it free for the BOGO sale.


Mary Elsey

This next item is probably my favorite purchase of the day because it’s so interesting. It’s a hunk of genuine amethyst but on top is two small pine cones glued together, adorned with googley eyes, a ribbon, and a fluffy tail. I think this animal is supposed to be a squirrel. The tag states that the artist is Mary Elsey, located in Thunder Bay, Canada. I searched her name to see if I could purchase any more of her artwork, but I was sad and disappointed to find an obituary for a Mary Elsey from Thunder Bay, ON. This one piece that I found made by her is beautiful, unique, and I would love to know more about her and her artwork, but I can’t find any other info. I hope that she is resting in peace, and I appreciate her leaving behind such a great piece that I will forever keep in my collection. I purchased this piece for only $1 at a rummage sale.


My last purchase of the day was at an estate sale. These two cat statues were irresistible. They have cute green ears and bells around their necks that jingle! The fact that there were two of them is probably what sold me, because I felt like they were siblings with a story. I got these two cuties for $1.

In total, I spent $6 today, and I scored some great pieces for my collection. If you have any info about any of these pieces, definitely send it my way! I always love knowing more about the pieces in my collection.

Author: Melissa Martini

A 22 year old feminist writer exploring body image and eating disorder recovery through poetry and blog posts.

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